Everything starts with basic tillage, and the quality of bedding of land, conserving humidity, physical-chemical conditions, as well as costs for bedding all depend upon ploughing. Ploughing thus effects the final result – good ploughing creates the best conditions for later production. The discovery of the plough caused a “revolution”, giving foundations to modern plant production, and ploughing continues to be as important as ever.
Technology development requires farmers to have education in the field of mastering new techniques in order to utilize all advantages of the tractor as the machine and plough as the tool. Although many farmers believe ploughing to be a simple action, the differences in the procedure are enormous. Participation in contests such as this one can bring new skills and motivation for a larger and better production.


In 1953, the World Ploughing Organization (WPO) initiated the first organized contest. Since then, increased interest for participation is recorded every year, particularly from agriculturally developed countries. The contest is held in a different country every year. The WPO was established in 1952 in England. The objectives of the organization are to preserve and improve the skill of ploughing the land, to promote World Championship Ploughing contests, to urge the development and adoption of improved techniques in agricultural production and to encourage fellowship and understanding amongst the people of all nations. Today the WPO is a distinguished and acknowledged organization whose actions have contributed to improved results concerning understanding the importance and raising the quality of ploughing the land. On 4 September 2004, the Republic of Croatia officially became the 30th member of this important world organization.


The application for membership was submitted to high representatives of the WPO Governing Board: President Ian Blair from New Zealand, Vice President Michael Deimel from Austria, Deputy Vice President Robert Brown from Canada, Secretary General Carl Alles from Denmark and Deputy Secretary General Hans Spieker from the Netherlands by the Croatian delegation during the 51st World Ploughing Contest in Northern Ireland. Members of the delegation, Mr. Ivan Katalinić, PhD., Director of the Croatian Agricultural Extension Institute

(CAEI), Ms. Tatjana Borbaš, Expert Assistant at CAEI and Mr. Zoran Starešina, Adviser at the Croatian Agricultural Cooperative Association (CACA) submitted the application on behalf of the Croatian Committee for Ploughing Competition, which at the time was active within CAEI. The application was unanimously accepted by the WPO Governing Board representatives. Croatian membership in this distinguished world organization is the result of intensive efforts by employees of the Croatian Agricultural Extension Institute and the Croatian Agricultural Cooperative Association.

Since 2005, competitors from the Republic of Croatia have been participating in world contests in both classes (conventional plough and reversible plough). At the 56th World Ploughing Contest held in Slovenia, Mr. Tugomir Majdak was elected WPO Vice-President, and Mr. Robert Brown, representative from Canada, was elected Deputy Vice President for a three-year term. He was also elected one of 9 head judges.

With the decision of the Governing Board of the World Ploughing Organization (WPO), the Republic of Croatia was elected host of the 59th World Ploughing Contest 2012. Being elected host of such a contest as a new WPO member is both a great honour, and responsibility. Organizing the World Ploughing Contest provides Croatia with an opportunity to promote its agriculture and tourism.

The Organising Committee of the 59th World Ploughing Championship 2012 in the Republic of Croatia was established in February 2011. The Organising Committee consists of twenty members. The first session was held on 15 February 2011. at the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development (photograph). Each member of the Organising Committee is also the head of a working group in charge of one part of preparations in the championship organisation.

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