Croatia at World Ploughing Championships

In September 2004, Croatia was accepted in the WPO - World Ploughing Organisation, gaining right for the competitors placed first and second in state contests to participate in the World Ploughing Contests.


52nd World Ploughing Contest, Prague, Czech Republic, 9-19 September 2005

53rd World Ploughing Contest, Tullow-Carlow, Republic of Ireland, 22 September–2 October 2006

54th World Ploughing Contest, Kaunas, Lithuania, 14 - 15 September 2007

55th World Ploughing Contest, Grafenegg, Austria, 15 - 16 August 2008

56th World Ploughing Contest, Moravske Toplice, Slovenia, 5 - 6 September 2009

57th World Ploughing Contest, Methven, New Zealand, 15 - 18 April 2010

58th World Ploughing Contest, Lindevad, Sweden, 13. - 14. May 2011


Each year our national ploughing team is supported by a group of promoters and fans. Last year, at the most distant location so far (approximately 20 000 km from Croatia) our ploughmen were supported by the President of the Croatian Association for Organization of Ploughing Contests (CAOPC), Mr. Ivan Katalinić, PhD., accompanied by ten Croatian fans. Intensive promotion of the Republic of Croatia as the host to the 59th World Ploughing Contest started in the neighbouring Slovenia in 2009.

Since the very beginning, our team is easily recognized by successful promotion of Croatian tourism and agriculture in the world. Precisely due to this, as well as to activities and the work of the Croatian representative in the WPO, Mr. Tugomir Majdak, the Republic of Croatia, as one of the newest members of the WPO was given the opportunity and the honour to organize the 59th World Ploughing Contest in Biograd na Moru. The marble plate with engraved name “New Zealand”, to be incorporated in the monument in Croatia in 2012, was the first to arrive with our team to Croatia. Over the first two days, for the purpose of promoting the 59th Contest in Biograd na Moru in 2012, numerous promotion materials (Croatia, Biograd na Moru, CAOPC booklet) and souvenirs were distributed to interested participants, who announced their arrival to Croatia





This year in Sweden, Republic of Croatia  presented with the exhibition  of Croatian Economic Chamber "Be Croative". Tourist Board of Biograd na Moru presented the City Biograd, and HUONO presented 10-day plan of events during 59th WPC. A large number of promo materials was distributed to visitors, and the attention of every visitor was attracted with distinquished supporting group in croatian hats with Klapa Lanterna from Zadar, who was present both days of the WPC and at the dinner where Croatia as host, was promoted with souveniers, almonds and figs.


State Secretary Stjepan Mikolčić has presented Croatia on the Opening Ceremony of 58th WPC as host of 59th WPC but also our agriculture and economy. 


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